Love is not the destination, it`s the long and exciting rice with up and downs... together :)

 My story

You can see our happy family in this photo that was taken in September 2017. But, 9 years ago we were close to divorce in our marriage. I had everything that I had dreamed of - the loving husband, healthy children, nice home, car, dog, summerhouse ...and no arguments, but also no deep connection... During this
time I didn`t know anything about the connection ... but I did feel lonely, upset, sad and unsatisfied. My husband managed his feelings differently, he just didn`t have time to connect with his feelings. He had a lot of work and hard sports training. So, slowly we moved toward an “invisible divorce” - living together without passion, trust, or sharing our feelings... and this situation made me really unhappy. I started to read all kinds of books about how to be happy and participated in different kinds of seminars - reiki, yoga, the Journey and much more. I started to study psychology and hypnotherapy. In 2009, an Imago couples therapist and workshop presenter came for the first time to Estonia-
Rebecca Sears from Washington DC. She presented the couples workshop "Getting the Love You Want" and we decided before divorcing to take this last chance. This course changed my life. For the first time, I became aware, how powerful we are and how our behavior influences each other’s feelings and behavior so much. I got so much helpful information and practical tools ... and I found my life’s mission and job, what I really love.
So, love is not the destination. It`s a beautiful race with ups and downs, with deep connection and ruptures and reconnections... it`s a lifelong path to grow and heal and your partner is your best teacher and healer. 

Today I know:
- We can change our relationships if we know HOW.
- Investments in relationships are the best, the returns from investing in a relationship are much more valuable than the returns from investing in the stock market. Rather than dollars, you get hope for the future. You get excitement. You get a teammate in life. You get happiness, and you get love.